FOSSMEC Yearly Report


  • GSoC 2018 results: We had 4 GSoC scholars from our college- Saran Narayanan, Vidhyadheeshan, Adarsh S and Ashwin G
  • Orientation day of FOSSMEC conducted to introduce first years about FOSS, GSoC, etc
  • Adarsh S gave a talk at FOSSASIA summit, 2018: How we uplift the life of millions using NLP
  • FreecodeCamp challenge was conducted by FOSSMEC to help students get started with Web Development. Exclusive mentorship was given for students participating in this program.


  • Conduct GSoC orientation class, proposal review sessions
  • GSoC 2019 results: We had one GSoC scholar- Ashwin M Prabhu and a GSoC mentor Ashwin G for Zulip.
  • FOSS in 30 days program to understand core principles of FOSS and create awareness
  • MEC.Conf was joinly organised FOSSMEC, IEEEMEC, IETE. FOSSMEC helped in conducting Devsprints and overall organisation of the Event
  • Algorithm Challenge to help student learn Problem solving with a competition
  • Orientation day of FOSSMEC for first years was conducted on September 5, 2019 with more 140+ studentsparticipating. The session of how to prepare for GSoC was taken by Adarsh S and the GSoC scholars Aswin G and Ashwin M Prabhu talked about their experience participating in GSoC. Also Varun and Mohita talked about the how they got an amazing internship in first year itself.
  • Code a Pookalam, onam challenge which recieved 12 unique entries with code. Finally three best Pookalams were given `prizes.
  • Hacktoberfest event was conducted on October 30, to help beginners introduce to git and github and make them aware about Hacktoberfest contest. Sessions were conducted by Sneha and Priyanga.
  • DevSprints is a one day coding event to help beginners to get started to Open source with a theme to Code for Open good. We had five partnering organisations for the event ie Debian, P5.JS, IndicNLP, DVC and Habitica. We had more than 80 students contributing to Open source for the first time and was helped by enthusiastic mentors like Abhijit PA from Debian, Adam Shamshudeen, KamalRaj(who are ML engineers in Saama), Jithin KS, Anupam(maintainers of dynamic learning project), Kurian, Srindhi, Ajesh .